Wills And Probate Myths

A woman surrounded by books in an office holds up a volume with “PROBATE LAW” engraved above a set of scales on its front cover.

Many people come up with all kinds of excuses to put off creating a Last Will and Testament either because (a) they do not have knowledge about the legal procedures or (b) they prefer not to think about their own mortality. Nonetheless, it is always wise to be prepared for the inevitable and create a…

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Testate Vs. Intestate Probate

Closeup of probate attorney reviewing estate documents.

Probate is a complicated legal process that takes place when someone passes away. The individual named as the personal representative of a deceased person’s estate and family members alike may have a hard time navigating the probate process. In general, there are two types of probate: testate probate and intestate probate. Each has its own…

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Are Car Accident Settlements Public Record?

Cropped shot of an individual wearing a suit signing a document on a desk that also contains a laptop computer, a judge’s gavel, and an iteration of the scales of justice.

Individuals who have recently been in car accidents, or who are pursuing compensation for damages related to such an incident, often have numerous questions. One common question that many accident victims have is whether their car accident settlements will become a matter of public record. Guidelines concerning the privacy of car accident settlements vary by…

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Can You Serve Someone By Email?

A young woman receiving her court summons by email.

According to the Court Statistics Project, there were over 12 million incoming civil cases in the United States in 2021. Filing one of these lawsuits requires the plaintiff to serve the defendant with legal documents that detail the claim made against them and provide the date, time, and location of the court hearing in which…

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Valuation Of Collectibles In A Divorce

A still-married couple shopping together in an antique shop.

Roughly five out of every 1,000 people experienced a divorce in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A key part of the divorce process involves the separation of previously shared property. The property divorcing spouses have accumulated over the course of their lives may include valuable collectibles, such as art…

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Estate Planning for Millennials

A group of late-30s adults seated at an outdoor café, laughing at something displayed on a tablet.

Proper estate planning is essential for managing finances and ensuring that a person’s assets and final wishes are handled correctly upon passing. While often associated with older generations, estate planning for Millennials is important. Learn about the benefits of estate planning and find out why it is not just for the wealthy or older adults.…

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Benefits Of A Revocable Trust

Couple reviewing revocable trust options with estate planning attorney.

A revocable trust, also called a living trust, is a legal arrangement in which an individual transfers some of their assets into a trust for management and use during their lifetime. Revocable trusts offer numerous benefits, but they also have some downsides that individuals should consider before deciding whether to establish one. Learn about a…

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How to Prevent Airbag Injuries

Airbags can save lives. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has dubbed them “one of the most important safety innovations of recent decades.” Front airbags have been required in passenger vehicles since 1999 models, but side airbags are not specifically mandated. Nonetheless, many vehicles have side airbags as well. Both front and side…

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Bankruptcy And Divorce – Which One First?

Dealing with either divorce or bankruptcy can be an emotionally challenging and stressful experience, and these processes unfortunately sometimes happen one after the other. If facing this scenario, it can be useful to understand the various approaches that might help these processes progress more smoothly. Read about bankruptcy and divorce, determine which one to undergo…

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